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by Andrew M. Lin on March 9th, 2006 at 2:09 pm

I am pleased to announce that we are in final bug-fixing mode on the TripTie application - Svante likes to call it “The Spurt” while Karl likes to call them “fleas.” And on that note, who is this Svante, who is this Karl? Who are these so-called “TripTie Ruffians”? Well, let me introduce them to you: meet Svante Adermark, Karl Sung, Justin Hambleton, Karen Tang, Mathew Halpern, Ariel Lagares, Kelli Bernard, and myself, Andrew Lin. I would say a little bit about each of them, but they’ve each already gone through the trouble of writing up a small bio. So without much further ado, here goes:

Svante Adermark, Software Designer and Developer
A balding father of two and Swedish citizen in his early thirties, Svante currently lives in Rockville, Maryland. He works as a software designer and has been building and designing web related applications for almost a decade. When not working, he likes to play the guitar and take photos of his kids with an old camera. Besides raising his children, his biggest adventures have been studying aikido in Japan, playing rock music in England, and riding a jeep up a lava-spitting volcano in Iceland.

Karl Sung, Sales and Marketing
Karl’s first childhood memories are far, far away from home. He thanks his parents, especially his Mom, for giving him their same great passion to explore other cultures of the world. Outside of the United States, he has traveled to parts of China, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Macao, Mexico, Spain, Italy, England, France, Greece, Holland, Switzerland, Germany, Lithuania, Austria and Monaco. And from these journeys he has a quick tip to share: “if you are ever stuck in an emergency bathroom situation where there is no type of toilet paper whatsoever and you simply MUST clean yourself, yank off one of your socks and use it. Put your shoe back on and voi-la, problem solved!”

Justin Hambleton, Developer and Interaction Designer
Justin is a reluctantly tall, adventurous type who has a deep passion for the Internet. When he’s not designing web interfaces or feverishly coding javascript, Justin likes to test his mortality by racing off-road motorcycles in Baja, Mexico. His dream vacation starts in the fjords of Norway and finishes on a motorcycle journey through the German backcountry.

Karen Tang, Developer
Hong Kong born and New York bred, Karen spends her days somewhere between both worlds. These days, she’s slaving away over HTML and wondering why she hasn’t quit her current job to open the Asian-inspired teahouse of her dreams. She’s been busy traveling the world via international cuisines and in her free time, stars in student films from Amsterdam.

Mathew Halpern, Developer and Interaction Designer
Mathew is an interaction designer living in New Jersey. He has a Masters degree in human-computer interaction from Carnegie-Mellon University. Other than his design work, Mathew enjoys reading, writing music, and obsessively checking his stock portfolio. This year he hopes to further contribute to TripTie by taking an overdue vacation and using the site to chronicle his exploits.

Ariel Lagares, Developer
Ariel received his name before the Disney movie, is left-handed except when wearing a watch, throwing a frisbee or using a computer mouse, once crossed the Iberian Peninsula by train and has made the mistake of using English at the Charles de Gaulle Airport. He also writes darn good HTML.

Kelli Bernard, Interaction Designer and Pastry Chef
Kelli Bernard leads a double life. By day she bakes brownies, and by night she pours over the pages of TripTie, hoping to create a perfect site experience. Kelli is now considered to be a chocolate-loving pastry chef, but has also spent the past several years as an interaction designer, working for companies like Starwood Hotels. This love of variety often drives Kelli to subject herself to long flights around the world in search of new experiences, like taking a whirlpool bath in Budapest, eating wagashi in Kyoto and touring chocolate factories in Switzerland.

Andrew M. Lin, Founder and CEO
Andrew isn’t a famous Hong Kong movie star but he enjoys eating travel for breakfast with HP sauce. Dragons aside, and if anyone asks, he is an interaction designer by trade. By night though, he spends his time making things: soldering, molding, baking, wiring, cutting, and drilling. He has bathed with old men at a silt-laden onsen in Kobe, felt winded climbing the Great Wall, eaten fish and chips out of a newspaper hat in London, and has walked suspended above the rain forest canopy of the Peruvian Amazon.

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