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I’m a bit late in announcing, but Claude of Les Explorers recently interviewed me about TripTie, its goals and direction, and what I think of all this Web 2.0/Travel 2.0 hubbub. Go check it out!



Movies are powerful. They make us laugh, cry, think about things in new light, and sometimes they make us want to pick up our feet and go somewhere. Erik Olsen of Gadling says that his favorite movie was Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. It “filled his head with notions of far-away places.” For me, I think the story of Peter Pan did that for me. Sailing boats, fighting pirates, little islands where all you do is have fun. Oh, and the flying! Yup, Peter Pan inspired me at a young age to consider other lands.

Before we went to Japan last November, Kelli and I watched Lost In Translation. I highly recommend it. It made us all the more excited to go to the Land of the Rising Sun. And just a few days ago, I saw “An Inconvenient Truth.” Now I want to see a glacier (before they disappear). Movies are powerful.

[via Gadling, via Budget Travel Online: 25 Movies That Literally Moved Us]


Happy Thanksgiving to all of our members and readers. We are grateful that you are a part of our community.


Part of the reason why I started TripTie was simply out of frustration. Trip planning is difficult enough. Other travel sites, although packed with good information, make it difficult to sift through. It doesn’t help that some of these sites are overflowing with ads; I never knew if what I was clicking on would take me to the information I was looking for or another site! And don’t even get me started on those pop-up and pop-over ads…

I don’t want TripTie to become one of these sites. At the same time though, we need some ad inventory. So after a talk I had with David over at Google Adsense, I decided to experiment some with their ad platform — you’ll notice the ads throughout the site.

What do you think? Are they good, useful, okay, or downright annoying?

And, if you are interested in advertising on TripTie, please feel free to contact me. We have very attractive rates right now.



One day, while doing his normal commute to work on the San Diego trolley, graphic designer Robert Palmer realized that he could do better - with the trolley maps, that is. He noticed a group of confused tourists huddled around one of those big undecipherable maps. He challenged himself to come up with a better solution. This solution is available to all at BetterTrolley.com.

BetterTrolley is “Easy San Diego Trolley Rider Information” and it is very comprehensive. It consists of zoomable Trolley maps done the right way: simple, contrasty, and clear design. He’s even got Rider Alerts (where riders submit alerts and everyone benefits through the website or RSS), local information near the station of your choice (by having the entire line mapped out on Google Maps), as well as a Trolley trip-planner. Oh, and he has also written a humorous FAQ on Trolley etiquette; here’s one of his tips: “Don’t jump or climb over the couplers between train cars. You won’t make it.”

The best thing about BetterTrolley? Robert made it just to help himself and people like him. Kudos, Robert!



I always try to come up with metaphors for what TripTie does and why it’s useful. On the TripTie homepage, we describe the application as “It’s like making a collage.” As I was reading through a few reviews and comments about TripTie, I found a French commenter named “Youpi” that describes it eloquently: “c’est super pratique quand on n’aime pas le jardinage, ça permet de faire faire son jardin par les voisins!”. My rough translation: “It’s a good practice when gardening is not liked, that your neighbors tend to your garden for you!” I couldn’t have said it better myself - TripTie members are your sort of neighborly travelers.

Oresme Innovation - Pour les amateurs de voyage : Concevoir son plan de route en piochant chez les autres [French]


I’m super-late in mentioning, but my dog ate my post. Last week, Pete Cashmore was kind enough to review TripTie on Mashable. He says: “I think it’s an extremely useful service that I’ll probably consult next time I take a trip.” TripTie was also reviewed on Postbubble. Here’s what Aneil Weber had to say: “TripTie is floating for creating a unique way of presenting this information and because of their dedicated users, they are the ones who really make this site work.” I couldn’t agree with Aneil more; the strength of TripTie relies on the strength of its members.

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Thank you to all for helping us spread the word. Let’s all help each other plan trips!

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